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Awake and Alive

Skillet released a new album a short time ago, titled Awake. I'm attaching a widget here which you can use to: listen to some tracks, read the bands latest news and biography, view pictures and videos, purchase tickets to shows, and more. It's all located conveniently here for you to explore.

Point of Grace Albums, please?

Hi! My name is Lauren and I just joined this comm. I'm in need of Point of Grace albums. I lost my whole Point of Grace song collection today via a mistake I made on the comp and I'm trying to get it back. I'm especially looking for the CD's called 24, Free to Fly and the Whole Truth. If anyone has these and would be willing to upload them to sendspace for me, I'd really appreciate it.
Thank you so much in advance!

This is a plee for help

Help! We need your votes!
Hayley and I entered a background contest on a fansite for Green Day called GDA (Green Day Authority) about a week ago, and our entries were accepted! :D This means that if our backgrounds get the most votes, we win a limited edition poster! Hurry and help us out, because we only have until Thursday!
You don't need to be a Green Day fan to help us out. All we need is two minutes of your time for you to fill in the bubbles by our entries and click the submit button. You don't have to sign up for anything, answer any questions, or fill out any information at all. Three clicks of your mouse and you're done!
We would both really, really appreciate your help on this. We're huge Green Day fans, and this would mean so much to both of us to win. I'm including a tutorial with screen shots to show you exactly how to vote for us.

1. Go to http://www.greendayauthority.com/contests/

2. Scroll to nearly the bottom of the page you are taken to until you see this:

3. On the left column, fill in the little bubble (it will become blue when it's selected) beside the entry titled "Created By: Hayley Sheets". On the right hand column, fill in the bubble titled "Created By: Cheyenne". Below is how your screen should then look, minus the red boxes and the green highlighted text. I did that to show you the entries you should be voting for.

4. Scroll all the way to the buttom of the screen and click the 'Submit' button.

Please make sure you have both entries selected before you submit your votes. Each computer is only allowed to vote once, so if you forget to fill in a bubble than you've wasted one half of your vote. =(

Request ...

Please feel free to delete this if this is not allowed.

I have become quite a fan of Stellar Kart, but I can't seem to find any of their cd's anywhere! I would appreciate ANY help in finding some downloads of their cd's.

Thank you in advance!!!


Not too sure how many Thousand Foot Krutch or Fireflight fans we have in this community but I wanted to let you know about Taco Bell's Feed The Beat program and that they're apart of it. Basically, it's a program that helps put bands like them out on the road. To find out more about Feed The Beat, check out the little widget below. Thanks for your time :).

Selling Autographed Skillet Merchandise

Hey guys, I've got a few really cool Skillet things I am selling.
1.) The DVD/CD Comatose Comes Alive(which I payed 15 dollars for. It's only been watched/listened to once).
2.) A pair of Skillet 'Comatose Comes Alive' drumsticks from the recording of the live DVD/CD by the same name. They're brand new and have never been used before. They've been sitting on my dresser for months now, and I'm really not doing anything with them. I'm in need of some extra cash right now, so I have decided to sell them. Unfortunate for me, but very fortunate for you. :D
3.) A Comatose Tour 2008 All Access Backstage Pass AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND. The pass is void, but it has the bands signatures on it. :D
I was wondering if I put them on ebay, would any of you be interested in buying them? I'd give you the link to the auction as soon as it was put up. If we come to an agreement on a price before the auction, I'll make it a 'buy it now price'. :) I'll even be sure that you are online and ready to buy them as soon as the auction is put up so as to not risk anyone stealing them out from underneath you.
If I don't come to an agreement over price with one person, I'll just let you all battle it out on ebay. ;)

I'm including pictures. You'll be able to view one here, and the rest are under the cut.

IMAGES under the cutCollapse )

BarlowGirl Request

Does anyone have the album with the song Mirror in it? I bought their other two albums, and Mirror is my favorite song! I plan to buy the album when I can, though.

For anyone who wants it, I have Stephanie Smith's album (She's new), but PLEASE buy it if you like it. She's new, amazing, and barely getting by.

Jars of Clay - Greatest Hits

Jars of Clay - Greatest Hits
Released: April 1, 2008
Language: English

01 Flood
02 Love Song for a Savior
03 Like a Child
04 Worlds Apart
05 Crazy Times
06 Frail
07 Unforgetful You
08 I Need You
09 Show You Love
10 Amazing Grace
11 God Will Lift Up Your Head
12 Dead Man (Carry Me)
13 Work
14 Love Is The Protest (NEW)
dl: MU or SS

a lesson

-you will prevent loosing friends if you dont over react when they make mistakes.
-if you find fault do not focus on the problem you need to focus on the solution.

if not it will bring you disappointments.

-note prayer can change things.

be happy!:D